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Before glancing through Rails, let us have an outlook of Ruby.

Ruby is a high level programming language which combines the conceptual elegance of Smalltalk, ease of learning and use of Python, and pragmatism of Perl. It is originated in Japan, and is Object-Oriented like Smalltalk, Eiffel, Java and Ada.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Rails is written in Ruby, which provides default structures for web pages, a web service and a database. It is a web application development MVC framework encouraging the use of different web standards like JSON or XML for the transfer of data, and JavaScript, HTML and CSS for interactive user interface. It emphases on convention over configuration, don’t repeat yourself and, the active report pattern.

Advantages of Ruby on Rails?
  • It emphases on REST (Representational State Transfer) which is based around the client-server relationship.
  • It supports the logical structure within applications.
  • It is dynamic and an object-oriented language.
  • It encourages flexible and collaborative approach, hence identified as an agile web development language.
  • Since it makes available the vast collection of open source, it makes the programming procedure very fast.
  • In Rails, every project follows the same coding practices and structure, hence making coding easy for the developers.
  • It is highly readable and mostly self-documenting, hence accelerating the productivity of application development.
  • To get your job done fast by the reliable and proficient AngularJs web application development company.
  • It has remarkable testing frameworks.
The skills of Techvalens’ Ruby on Rails developers:
  • We have in-depth understanding and experience in development of applications in both Ruby and Rails.
  • We are professionally trained in understanding the MVC pattern.
  • We use apt strategies and smart ways in working on the object-oriented model.
  • We use latest generators for the creation of models, controllers and migrations.
  • Our veins run across the HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and basic GIT.

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